It used to be the case that having your own website was a costly and difficult thing to do, however now we have access to easier ways to build website, which do not cost the earth, such as WordPress.  It is a simple and easy to use web content management system, which can get you up and running online in no time.  Here are the steps to creating a WordPress website.

Web Host

Although you can get “free” websites, there are a lot of limitations on this.  Free sites do not allow you much creativity and function abilities, so it is worth buying a domain through a hosting company to allow you the maximum creativity possible.

Build your site!

Use WordPress to build you site – it is easy and simple to get the hang of.  You can find lots of free themes which you can adapt easily using the customiser tools.  You can easily build a site on WordPress without knowing any HTML or other programming languages.

There are lots of themes to use which are the basis for your design.  A professional looking site is easily made for very little money!