Web design is an art in its own right, but an art that many people can have a go at fairly successfully!  WordPress is a great tool for those looking to create a professional looking website, but who perhaps lack some of the programming knowledge required of regular web design.  Here’s why we love using WordPress…

Firstly, WordPress is what is known as an open source CMS.  This means that all the content is available free and customised parts are available through the online community, built by developers and designers who share their work freely.  It is great for people who have no coding or programming knowledge, as the built in themes and plugins make light work of functionality features!

There is an active online community buzzing with developers, designers and other fans who are available at any time to sort out problems and issues you might have, and there are a ton of built in themes available to make your site really unique and beautiful.

The content management side is a dream, with easy to update content and blog options, enabling you to keep your site relevant and up to date.  If you can produce a word document, you can definitely produce content on WordPress!