There are loads of online web builders which claim to help you easily build an amazing website – there are good and bad things about these builders, so here is a run down of the pros and cons in terms of web builders when compared to hiring a web designer.

Firstly, web building software may not end up as cheap as you think!  Yes, they are relatively low cost when compared to the fees charged by professional web designers, but have you accounted for the monthly usage fee, any additional costs for adding extra services (such as ecommerce facilities)?  Don’t forget that your site remains live as long as you keep paying your fee – as soon as you stop paying, your site disappears.  This simply isn’t the case with a web designer – you own the domain and the designer simply builds it.

Next, think about how you want the site to look.  Chances are you want a beautiful and unique site which nobody else has.  You won’t get that with a web builder program!  These builders tend to have a limited bank of templates to work with, and even these cannot be fully edited to make the site your own.