Ranking highly on search engines could make a huge difference! By making your website easier to find on search engines, you potentially open up your sales potential to many more people.  Here are some of our main reasons for wanting to improve your rankings:

  1.  People do not generally click on links past the first page!  It is odd but true, but people really do only look at sites on the first page of Google.  Even though there could be 3 million search results for their search term, we only ever look at the first ten.  Important to get onto this first page in order to be seen!
  2. Tailoring your keywords to suit your specific audience could help you to improve your rankings – by looking for the longer key word phrases, you can often hit a much less competitive term, which makes it easier to get into the top ten.
  3. More people than ever before use their phones and tablets to search on – by having access to the global markets straight from their phones, there are a lot more potential clients around for you to target!