Having a website often means you’ll be adding new content regularly, whether that is via a blog or news feed, or perhaps in pages themselves.  Whilst your web designer will make the site look good and function well, it is often up to the owner of the site to add content to keep it fresh and updated.  Here is my handy guide for making sure your content is good quality and valuable to your website.

Fresh content signals to search engines that the website is functional and being used.  This is often a good ranking factor and can help you to go up the ranks for your chosen keywords.

When writing fresh content, it is important to make sure you haven’t accidentally (or deliberately!) copied anything from another website or page.  Search engines can tell when duplicate content is floating about and they don’t like it…so make sure you don’t do it!

Another thing to consider is the way you format the post.  Reading on a screen is very different from reading on paper, and you need to make sure the text is broken up with gaps.  Either adding images or using nice headings and bullet points can help make the post more readable.